Starfield players warn others of ship builder glitch that deletes items

Starfield players warn others of ship builder glitch that deletes items

Starfield might be one of the biggest video game releases of the year so far, but it isn’t without its faults. One of the biggest issues that most people are running into is glitches that are ruining some runs for starfarers around the world—and one new bug is deleting important items and gear from users’ ships.

Some players are reporting that a new bug has surfaced when players are editing their ship at a local spaceport with the ship services technician. When players finish editing and adding new parts to their ship, they return inside to discover that some of the items they’ve left around have disappeared and are nowhere to be found.

One user on the Starfield subreddit, for example, said they had an armory with mannequins where they stored some of their most expensive armor sets and weaponry. If you notice that your own armory doesn’t have mannequins, you might have to choose an armory habitat from the right manufacturer, like Nova Galactic.

After editing their ship to add a window to the medical bay, the user returned to their armory to find out the expensive armor sets and weapons were gone due to a bug that deletes items that are on board and on mannequins. As a result, the Reddit user warned the rest of the player base to ensure that if you are making any edits to your ship, you should save or remove all of your valuable loot from the ship beforehand.

Granted, Bethesda titles are usually known for their bugs and glitches. Another Starfield glitch had some faces disappear from various characters in the game, leaving only their floating eyes and mouths. This loot bug, however, would completely ruin a run for some players, depending on how important or valuable the items lost are.

Many fans likely hope the developers can stamp out these bugs soon so that players don’t have to worry about losing their loot whenever they change up their ship’s look.

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