Xiaomi 12S Ultra Equipped With New Self-Developed Chip

Xiaomi 12S Ultra Equipped With New Self-Developed Chip

Xiaomi‘s latest top flagship smartphone, the 12S Ultra, was officially released on July 4 this year. The device is equipped with Xiaomi‘s self-developed fast charging P1 chip and battery management G1 chip, which are its major promotional selling points. On July 28, a Chinese blogger revealed that it is also equipped with another new self-developed chip.

The popular Weibo blogger with account name “Li Ang Ang Ang A” said that he found that there was also a Xiaomi chip numbered C2-2214A027 after disassembling a Xiaomi 12S Ultra model. As for the function of the chip, the blogger said that customers could wait for subsequent developments. Xiaomi has not fully realized the corresponding functions at present, so the company has not publicized the chip.

(Source: Weibo blogger “@Li Ang Ang Ang A”)

The picture released by the blogger shows that the chip is large, and it is printed with Xiaomi‘s logo. It is expected that Xiaomi will announce the chip and its specific functions after the software adaptation is completed – otherwise, the chip should not be installed on the motherboard.

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Some web users commented that the Xiaomi Surge C1 is an image processing chip, while the new chip’s number starts with C2, so the new chip may be an iteratively upgraded graphics processing chip. In addition, some have helped Xiaomi think of the slogan, saying that it is “a smartphone with three Surge chips.”

Xiaomi 12S Ultra (Source: Xiaomi)

The Surge C1 is Xiaomi‘s first professional imaging chip, which was first launched on the Xiaomi MIX FOLD smartphone. The Surge C1 has a dual filter configuration, which can realize parallel processing of high and low frequency signals, improving signal processing efficiency by 100%. The chip can greatly improve the 3A (AF, AWB, AE) performance of images with Xiaomi‘s self-developed algorithm.

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