2023 poll: Surprise awaits APC, PDP in Plateau Guber race, says Dawop

2023 poll: Surprise awaits APC, PDP in Plateau Guber race, says Dawop

As the general elections draw closer, the Plateau state governorship candidate of the Action Democratic Party (ADP) in the forthcoming election, Dr Sani Dawop says surprise awaits both the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and the main opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)

Speaking with newsmen Friday evening in Abuja, during a fundraising dinner organised for him in Abuja, he expressed optimism that he would sweep the poll.

He said it’s unfortunate that Plateau state has not been well administered since the end of the tenure of the former Governor of the state, Senator Jonah Jang.

He noted: “You see some people don’t understand politics, I was with a prominent politician from Plateau state recently, and he said anybody who jokes with a small party in politics does not understand party politics.

“When Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) came in 2011, they formed a government in Nasarawa state, and there was no CPC in any other state.

“By the grace of God we will do the same thing in Plateau state, we will produce the government of ADP in Plateau state in 2023, and also don’t forget that politics is about people and people have understood very well, we that are working underground

“In this month’s election and that of March, APC and PDP will be shocked because Nigerians have made up their minds. In fact, nobody will tell anyone because of the suffering we are going through as a result of scarcity of fuel, cash and every other thing, nobody needs to tell you what to do because Nigerians are smart and they will do the right thing by voting the right candidates in this election.

“The ADP, by the grace of God will form the next government in Plateau state because we have the right candidate in me.”

On why he is aspiring to govern Plateau state, Dr Dawop said there are many challenges that the APC government has not been able to address in the state due to a lack of political will, lack of innovation, capacity and competency.

He said: “There are so many challenges that the APC government has not been able to address in Plateau state, that’s more reasons some of us where are in other political parties are coming out because we realised that they are not doing anything to address these challenges and they won’t give some of us an opportunity, because they have formed a kind of cult and we need to break that if we have to bring development into the state.

“So we have to leave both the APC and the PDP to join other political parties so that we give people the opportunity to fully express their choice when they compare the candidates and look at their credentials because development has been strangulated in Plateau state in the last twenty-four years.”

If elected, the 56-year-old Dawop said his vision is to build a united, secure, peaceful and prosperous Plateau state.

“The ADP government under my watch will provide leadership that is just, fair and equitable by creating an enabling environment where Plateaunian can achieve self-actualization without discrimination whether on the basis of tribe, religion, gender, race, creed or colour.

“Primarily, our 3-point agenda will base on Security and sustainable peace, Economic revitalization, Social and infrastructure development.”

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