Bauchi commissioner denies being in viral vote-buying video

Bauchi commissioner denies being in viral vote-buying video

From Paul Orude, Bauchi

Bauchi State’s Commissioner of Youths and Sports, Alhaji Adamu Manu Soro, has categorically denied being the person featured in a viral Twitter video clip that supposedly shows someone buying votes for the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in the state.

The video began circulating before the Governorship and State House of Assembly elections held on March 18, 2023.

During an interview with journalists in Bauchi, Soro refuted the video and expressed his concerns about being wrongly identified. He said, “This Twitter video clip going round globally… I’m not the one in the said video clip.”

Soro was worried that he had been erroneously captioned as the person in the widely circulated Twitter clip and threatened to take legal action against the medium of communication (Not Metoric Post) that implicated him in the video.

Soro stressed that anyone who knows Bauchi state understands that Governor Bala Mohammed has performed creditably well in the past three and a half years in executing capital projects.

He argued that it was naive for someone to allege vote-buying for the ruling PDP in the state. He said, “By God’s grace, I’ll take legal action against [anyone or medium of communication] that published a story from the video clips [defaming] my image and refutation in the good-looking eyes of the public.”

The Twitter clip began circulating on Friday, allegedly showing a commissioner in Bauchi erroneously captured as Soro buying votes for the PDP from the electorate ahead of the Saturday’s polls. Soro clarified his identity by saying, “My name is Honorable Adamu Manu Soro, Commissioner for Youths and sports development in Bauchi state.”

He noted that anyone or media that published a story from the video clip was defaming his image and refuting him in the good-looking eyes of the public.

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