Coca-Cola Celebrates its Metaverse Anniversary With an NFT Airdrop

Coca-Cola Celebrates its Metaverse Anniversary With an NFT Airdrop

To celebrate its metaverse anniversary, Coca-Cola today announced it will gift exclusive digital collectibles to existing Coca-Cola NFT holders. The new drop will take place on July 30, in celebration of International Friendship Day. What’s more, to commemorate the spirit of friendship, each collectible is sharable with a friend. Let’s take a closer look at what Coca-Cola’s new NFT airdrop is all about.

Coca-Cola friendship day NFT in bright colours
Coca-Cola will airdrop its new NFTs on July 30.

What is the new NFT airdrop from Coca-Cola?

On this year’s friendship day, Coca-Cola will airdrop special International Friendship Day digital collectibles to their NFT holders. This includes holders of Coca-Cola’s International Pride Day 2022 drop, Hamburger Day 2022 drop, and the original Coca-Cola Friendship Day Loot Box.

Notably, Coca-Cola created these new International Friendship Day NFTs in partnership with developer Tafi, the leading creator of custom 3D content for avatar and emoji systems. Virtue, the agency by Vice, developed the initial concept.

Finding Inspiration in the Bubbles

The NFT collectibles take inspiration from the bubbles within every Coke bottle. Once the collector shares their NFT with a friend, the artwork will be revealed. Moreover, the brand will invite owners of the Coca-Cola collectibles to tailored, Real Magic experiences. This includes early access to Coca-Cola Creations and Coke Studio, to name a few.

“Bringing people together in shared moments has always been at the heart of Coca-Cola,” said Pratik Thakar, Head of Global Creative Strategy, Coca-Cola. “Entering the metaverse a year ago was our first step to connecting with people in a completely new and inspired way. International Friendship Day solidifies our commitment to the exciting and ever-changing digital world to build our community…” 

Coca-Cola’s metaverse journey

Coca-Cola first forayed into the metaverse space in July 2021. Since then, it has dropped over  4,000 digital collectibles for its community. On last year’s International Friendship Day, the company even dropped a loot box during a Decentraland roof party. 

More recently, Coca-Cola dropped the Pride Collection of NFTs to celebrate International Pride Day. What’s more, the brand donated all proceeds from the sales to the LGBTQIA+ community organisation, OUT.

You can learn more about the Coca-Cola NFT official website. 

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