F1 race results: Max Verstappen wins Abu Dhabi GP

F1 race results: Max Verstappen wins Abu Dhabi GP

Verstappen led from the start of the race, only giving up his lead briefly to Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc in the pitstop cycle. The race was spiced up by divergent tyre strategies between Leclerc and the second Red Bull of Sergio Perez in their fight for second in the World Championship.

The one-stopping Leclerc was caught by two-stopper Perez in the closing stages, aided by tyre information from Verstappen, who was also on a one-stop out front.

But Perez just couldn’t get close enough to attempt a move, so Leclerc took second by 1.3s, both in the race and the points.

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2022 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix results

Cla   Nº   Driver   Car / Engine   Laps   Time   Delay/Retirement 
1 Max Verstappen Red Bull 58 1:27’45.914  
2 16  Charles Leclerc Ferrari 58 1:27’54.685 8.771
3 11  Sergio Pérez Red Bull 58 1:27’56.007 10.093
4 55  Carlos Sainz Jr. Ferrari 58 1:28’10.806 24.892
5 63  George Russell Mercedes 58 1:28’21.802 35.888
6 Lando Norris McLaren/Mercedes 58 1:28’42.148 56.234
7 31  Esteban Ocon Alpine/Renault 58 1:28’43.154 57.240
8 18  Lance Stroll Aston Martin/Mercedes 58 1:29’02.845 1’16.931
9 Daniel Ricciardo McLaren/Mercedes 58 1:29’09.182 1’23.268
10 Sebastian Vettel Aston Martin/Mercedes 58 1:29’09.812 1’23.898
11 22  Yuki Tsunoda AlphaTauri/Red Bull 58 1:29’15.285 1’29.371
12 24  Zhou Guanyu Alfa Romeo/Ferrari 57 1 lap
13 23  Alexander Albon Williams/Mercedes 57 1 lap
14 10  Pierre Gasly AlphaTauri/Red Bull 57 1 lap
15 77  Valtteri Bottas Alfa Romeo/Ferrari 57 1 lap
16 47  Mick Schumacher Haas/Ferrari 57 1 lap
17 20  Kevin Magnussen Haas/Ferrari 57 1 lap
18 44  Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 55 Hydraulics
19 Nicholas Latifi Williams/Mercedes 55 3 laps
  14  Fernando Alonso Alpine/Renault 27 Water leak

How the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix unfolded

Verstappen just held his pole advantage on the run to Turn 1, the majority of the field starting on the medium-compound tyres, ahead of Perez, Leclerc, Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) and Carlos Sainz (Ferrari). On the run to Turn 6, Sainz lunged inside Hamilton and sent him wide on the exit, the Mercedes briefly being sent airborne over the kerb.

Hamilton initially kept his position, after straight-lining the apex of Turn 7, but was asked to allow Sainz back in front, which he did on Lap 4. A lap later, Hamilton DRS-ed past Sainz into Turn 9, but Sainz stayed in DRS range and repaid the favour at the same corner four laps later.

In the second Mercedes, George Russell then overtook Hamilton – who was complaining of a loss of power – for fifth.

Verstappen pulled out a 2.7s lead over Perez by Lap 10, with Leclerc and Sainz equidistantly spaced by 3s behind them. Behind the Mercedes duo, Lando Norris ran seventh for McLaren, while, in his last-ever Grand Prix, Sebastian Vettel duelled with the Alpines of Esteban Ocon and Fernando Alonso.

Ocon was the first of the top 10 to pit for hard tyres on Lap 15, followed by Perez and Russell (who had a very slow stop and was released into the path of Norris, resulting in a 5s time penalty) a lap later. Perez rejoined battling Vettel, which cost him time in his battle for second with Leclerc – both in the race and the World Championship standings.

Sainz pitted on Lap 18, and also got caught up behind Vettel, as Verstappen and Leclerc ran long in the top two spots. Verstappen stopped on Lap 20, allowed Leclerc to lead until he pitted two laps later. A slow stop meant he rejoined just in front of Sainz but way behind Perez, who caught Verstappen in this stint and was 2s behind his teammate by half distance.

Leclerc closed up on Perez, who pitted again for new hards on Lap 34 – as teams juggled the pros and cons of committing to a one- or two-stop strategy. Ironically, Leclerc was told to pit if Perez didn’t – so the scenario could have been flipped.

Sainz and Russell pitted for a second time on Lap 40, Russell taking his 5s penalty at this point which allowed the one-stopping Hamilton to be well ahead.

Perez was delayed in having to pass and then repass Hamilton as their strategies converged with 12 laps to go, Hamilton using the second DRS zone to good effect. But once clear, Perez had to chase down the 10s gap to the one-stopping Leclerc in second.

Sainz caught and passed Hamilton for fourth, just as Hamilton was forced to slow with a hydraulic problem and he toured in to retire – the team’s first mechanical retirement of the season.

Despite being told by Verstappen that he could go “full send” on the tyres, Perez didn’t have sufficient pace to get close enough to get into Leclerc’s DRS range on the final lap.

Verstappen won by over 8s from Leclerc and Perez, with Sainz a distant fourth, ahead of Russell, Norris, Ocon, Lance Stroll (Aston Martin), Daniel Ricciardo (McLaren) and Vettel – who scored a point in his final race thanks to Hamilton’s retirement.

Mick Schumacher (Haas) and Nicholas Latifi (Williams) got together at Turn 5 but both rejoined without causing a safety car. Schumacher was penalised 5s for causing the clash.

Alonso retired from his Alpine F1 career on Lap 28 with a water leak.

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2022 Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix fastest laps

Cla   Nº   Driver   Car / Engine   Time   Delay   Lap   km/h 
Lando Norris McLaren/Mercedes 1’28.391   44 215.085
63  George Russell Mercedes 1’28.836 0.445 48 214.007
55  Carlos Sainz Jr. Ferrari 1’28.879 0.488 50 213.904
11  Sergio Pérez Red Bull 1’28.972 0.581 52 213.680
31  Esteban Ocon Alpine/Renault 1’29.333 0.942 45 212.817
Max Verstappen Red Bull 1’29.392 1.001 54 212.676
22  Yuki Tsunoda AlphaTauri/Red Bull 1’29.489 1.098 40 212.446
24  Zhou Guanyu Alfa Romeo/Ferrari 1’29.600 1.209 53 212.183
18  Lance Stroll Aston Martin/Mercedes 1’29.620 1.229 42 212.135
10  16  Charles Leclerc Ferrari 1’29.719 1.328 48 211.901
11  44  Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1’29.788 1.397 42 211.738
12  47  Mick Schumacher Haas/Ferrari 1’29.833 1.442 39 211.632
13  23  Alexander Albon Williams/Mercedes 1’29.939 1.548 40 211.383
14  Nicholas Latifi Williams/Mercedes 1’30.309 1.918 45 210.517
15  Sebastian Vettel Aston Martin/Mercedes 1’30.312 1.921 35 210.510
16  77  Valtteri Bottas Alfa Romeo/Ferrari 1’30.352 1.961 47 210.417
17  14  Fernando Alonso Alpine/Renault 1’30.579 2.188 24 209.889
18  Daniel Ricciardo McLaren/Mercedes 1’30.785 2.394 45 209.413
19  10  Pierre Gasly AlphaTauri/Red Bull 1’31.081 2.690 17 208.732
20  20  Kevin Magnussen Haas/Ferrari 1’31.158 2.767 40 208.556

2022 Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix laps led

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