Finding Her Place

Finding Her Place

Sarah Dinger

What initially inspired you to get into the hospitality business?  Relationships. My journey with My Place began with my relationship with the Rivett family. The exposure to their vision to launch a new brand ignited my desire to be a part of the story we’re writing. 

The quality of our relationships reflects the impact we’ve made, and our growth is fueled by our relationship with each other, owners, operators, and guests. I remain most inspired by the opportunity to grow the team of people responsible for the big picture. 

Who were some of your mentors or role models, male or female, and what were their most valuable lessons? I’ve been fortunate to have astounding and impactful role models, both male and female, during the different stages of my personal and professional growth. Early on I learned—it’s all about the people. Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life, and approach each decision with the mindset of an owner. While those three areas continue to be the pillars, I’m continuously reminded of the importance of nurturing existing relationships, getting involved, networking, and being a voice.

In your opinion, how is the lodging industry doing in terms of getting women into leadership positions? As the first employee and now EVP of Franchise Operations for My Place, I am honored to be surrounded by many strong female leaders not only within My Place, but throughout the industry in general. I thrive on growth and creating opportunities for the people who work alongside me. 

As women in leadership, it’s important we recognize we have an opportunity to be both leaders and mentors. What I’ve realized is that many of the biggest hurdles that I’ve had to overcome are the ones that I’ve created for myself.  

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