Get a Saatva Mattress for $200 Off (and Starfish in a Bigger Bed)

Get a Saatva Mattress for $200 Off (and Starfish in a Bigger Bed)


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Sleeping next to someone can often be a pain in the ass—snoring, sleep-talking and general tossing and turning, can often mess with your quality zzzs However, we know it also has its benefits—an impromptu romp sesh, pillow talk about your hopes and dreams, and being able to force someone else to make you an Italian sub with extra peppers after a big night out. Real talk, though, our dream sleep involves spreading out starfish-style and taking up space, and in that universe it’s only a matter of time before your S.O. gets pushed out of bed and breaks a leg. To prevent those nightmarish medical bills, it’s time to upgrade to a California King and throw your battered, twin mattress from college on the curb for the rats to sleep on. 

A good mattress is an investment, but the cost doesn’t have to keep you up at night. Getting your plush baby on sale can help quell your sticker anxieties. That’s why Saatva’s extended Labor Day sale is giving major “ommm” vibes, because you can score up to $500 in savings through September 12 on the brand’s hugely popular, ultra-comfy mattresses, just in time for the upcoming cozy season. (One VICE staffer even said that a Saatva mattress helped to save his relationship.)

Pull up your big boy tiger jawns and get the brand’s Classic mattress for the hassle-free sleepovers you always wanted. All sizes are $200 off, has almost no sagging with its responsive dual-coil design, offers LumbarZone technology for optimal spinal alignment, and is made with breathable organic cotton for a cooler sleep. Allow it to cradle you into a tranquil state with its durable pressure-point relief. Want to go really big? Get a California King. Who needs a significant other? You got this mattress to spoon you, you strong, independent workhorse. 


Saatva Classic Mattress (California King)

$2170$1970 at Saatva

The Classic has three different comfort levels to choose from: plush soft, luxury firm, and firm, so there’s something for every type of sleeper. That’s not to mention its 4.8 star rating with over 2,800 customer reviews on the Saatva website. One reviewer wrote they wish they could pack it while traveling—we love that energy. 

During this sale, you can also cop the Zenhaven mattress for $300 off. Expect back and joint pain relief from its five-zone natural latex, along with a cooling sleep from its body temperature-regulating materials. We’re getting yoga retreat-namaste-Ritz Carlton vibes, to say the least. With its 4.9 star rating, we’re confident it will help you achieve inner peace. . 


Zenhaven Natural Latex Mattress (California King)

$3370$3070 at Saatva

Go catch some zzz’s.

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