Internship opportunities are available with a grant of €5000 for students of Sustainable Water Management in Belgium

Internship opportunities are available with a grant of €5000 for students of Sustainable Water Management in Belgium

The study of Sustainable Water Management is a field that concentrates on the social and political aspects of sustainable water management, such as public health and policy frameworks. It is intended for professionals who understand that a fundamental understanding of how humans affect and are affected by water quality and quantity is necessary for the performance of their duties.

Grants are now being offered by the Elisabeth & Amelie Fund to help international master’s degree candidates from a developing nation that is studying in Belgium to complete an internship.

The Fund, among other things, supports sustainable water management by funding on-the-spot internships for students from developing countries studying in Belgium.

The fund takes an integrated approach to water management into account, which includes technical and/or sociological aspects.

The internship will take place in a developing country (the student’s country of origin or another country) and will be tied to a  Master’s thesis or an equivalent. Plus, it will be under the responsibility of the Belgian academic institution where the student is studying.

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Students from developing countries who are working on a thesis related to water management and are aiming for a Masters level degree (Master’s , specialization master’s, or a second bachelor’s degree).


The students shall be awarded a grant of up to a maximum of €5000 which will cover the expenses inherent to the internship

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A total of 10 grants shall be awarded. The duration of the internship should be between 1 to 2 months, and must take place between December 2022 and the end of August 2023.

How to Apply

  1. Make sure your are eligible for this call for projects. Check selection criteria here
  2. Create an account via this link if this is your first application
  3. Complete your application form online (you can take your time and do it in several stages if you like)
  4. When your application has been fully completed, it can be sent
  5. A confirmation of your application will be sent by email as well as a pdf of your application

For more information, visit Elisabeth & Amelie Fund


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