Interview: Patrick Miranda from Movements Talks Oz Tour

Interview: Patrick Miranda from Movements Talks Oz Tour

California’s post-hardcore virtuosos Movements are heading Down Under to perform 8 shows alongside the mighty Boston Manor.

Movements realize the full scope of their storytelling, musicianship, and vision. Not only does the music address the emotional push-and-pull of relationships, but it also explores loss, love, mental health, and even intimacy through a prism of newfound clarity soundtracked by post-punk grit, alternative expanse, heartfelt spoken word, expensive rock, and subtle pop ambition

To find out more about the band’s musical journey and their upcoming Australian tour, we had the chance to chat with frontman Patrick Miranda, who also gave us a hint at a potential new song coming up soon.

SR. You are heading back Down Under alongside the mighty Boston Manor. How are you guys getting ready for the tour?

PM. We have not really done much prepping at all (laughs), we’re just winging it. We’ve all been super busy with life stuff lately. Obviously, you know, the holidays are always a pretty crazy time and now that it’s come back into the swing of things with being early in the year and whatever, we’re slowly but surely getting ourselves prepped for more touring. But we’re gonna practice on Saturday, that’ll be our first practice before we leave, first and only practice before we leave (laughs). I’ll get all packed up and ready to go, Monday we will be on a flight, and then we should be getting there probably like Wednesday morning, if I had to guess with the time change and all. But yeah, I mean – we’re just winging it, you know? (laughs) Hopefully we’re prepared enough when it comes down to it, we’ll find out.

SR. Movements released their second album No Good Left to Give almost 3 years ago. How do you think the album compares to your first release “Feel Something”?

PM. I think that it’s a growth from Feel Something for sure. I think that with No Good Left To Give, we definitely tried to tap into that really emotional, dense lyrical kind of content and create something that was really rich and full on from an emotional aspect. But sonically, I think it stayed pretty consistent and pretty in line with what Feel Something was, it wasn’t a huge departure from that world. With that being said, I think that our newest record that’s coming out this year is sort of a departure from both – but again, in a good way where it’s got the core roots and the core elements of everything that we had put in our music before, but with a little bit more energy. It’s a little bit more exciting, it’s more fun, it’s upbeat. And it’s gonna be a really lively record, and it’ll be very fun to play those songs live.

“…with No Good Left To Give, we definitely tried to tap into that really emotional, dense lyrical kind of content…”

SR. As a musician, how did you survive with the craziness Covid unleashed the last 2 years? Was music an escape for you?

PM. Music has always been an escape, regardless of what’s been happening in the world or in my personal life or whatever it may be. But COVID was certainly a difficult time for everybody, you know? It was tough for a lot of people and it was especially tough on touring musicians and on gig workers and everything like that.

I gotta say, I’m really, really stoked to see that people are still supporting live music and supporting underground music and our scene after the effects of what COVID has done. You know, people are still showing up to shows and still coming and showing love. And that’s huge! That’s exactly what this music scene needs. So, we’re just very thankful to still be here and to still be able to do this. I know a lot of bands did not make it through the pandemic, and we’re very thankful to still be around and still have the ability to go out and play music. And we’re just excited to get back to it.

SR. Do you guys have a new album coming up, can you give us any update?

PM. We have new music coming very soon. We’ll have at least a single out within probably the next month or so. I’d say like April sometime. We’ll be releasing our first single, and then after that the record itself is slated to come out sometime midway through this year. I can’t say a whole lot about that yet, but we’re really, really looking forward to having new music out for everybody.

“… We’ll have at least a single out within probably the next month or so. I’d say like April sometime….”

SR. What comes first for you the Music or the lyrics?

PM. It used to be the lyrics. I used to write all the lyrics first, and then I would mould them to whatever the track it was that I was working on. Now, I’d say it’s a little bit more of the opposite. I usually listen to a track that we’ve made in pre-production and a demo version of this track over and over and over again until I feel like it’s speaking to me in a way that I know what I want it to be about because I’ve heard it. And the song is kind of showing me little visions of like: “this is what this song should be”, you know? I mean – it does change and it does vary depending on the song, but I’d say that for the most part these days, the music comes first and then I write my lyrics and my melodies and stuff to the song.

SR. Boston Manor is part of the Movements Australian tour; we saw them at Good Things Festival few years ago and they were great. Have you toured together before? Have you considered to collaborate with them?

PM. We have toured together before, yeah, this will be our fourth time touring together. Warped Tour 2017 was the first time. Second time was when they were the direct support band on our US headliner. And then most recently we were direct support to them on their UK headliner. And now we’ll be doing this co-bill with them in Australia.

We’re really excited about it, they’re some of our best friends in the whole world, some of the best friends that we’ve made from touring so far. And we always have a great time. As far as collaborating goes, I’m not totally sure, we don’t have anything in the works yet, but it would be an amazing thing for us to do, to collaborate with them on a song or on some sort of feature maybe in the future. I’m certain that we’d all be very interested in that, so who knows, maybe someday!

SR. How long is the set-list gonna be & what do you think are the “must-play” songs?

PM. I think our set list is probably gonna be like 45 minutes to an hour. I’m not sure what exactly our time limits are at these shows, and it might vary from day to day…but yeah, I’d say 45 minutes to an hour. And we’re gonna be playing all the hits, obviously we’re gonna play Daylily, and we’re gonna play Third Degree and Full Circle, as well as some of the new songs, Cherry Thrill and Barbed Wire Body, all the good stuff! It’s gonna be everything you want. Hopefully nothing you don’t.

SR. As a singer, what would you say has been the highlight of your career so far?

PM. There’s so many, I honestly don’t know. I mean, I feel like I have a new highlight every year where something big happens and I’m just like: “man, that was the coolest thing that ever happened to me!”. I think most recently it’s been playing Riot Fest in Chicago. Last summer we played Riot Fest for the first time, and the amount of people watching our set was absolutely unbelievable. I think attendance for that fest was probably close to 30,000. And then watching our set alone, I think there had to have been at least 10,000 people watching our set, which was unbelievable, it was just such a cool experience. So, that was huge.

“…Being able to meet and become peers with my heroes, that’s been huge over the years.”

We recently headlined a show here in Los Angeles at a venue called The Wiltern, that was sold out 2,500 tickets, our biggest headliner that we’ve done to date. That was really fucking cool. And being able to tour with some of my heroes, that’s been big too. Like, we did a tour a few years back with Good Charlotte, and that was one of my favorite bands growing up. Being able to meet and become peers with my heroes, that’s been huge over the years.

SR. Can you share with us a funny or memorable tour story?

PM. One that I always bring up when I get asked this question is from early on in our career, it was one of our first tours ever. And we decided to play a prank on one of the bands that we were touring with, we filled water balloons full of salsa verde and we threw them at their van while we were on the highway (laughs) and they exploded all over their van with salsa, which was very funny in the moment…until we got pulled over by the police. They thought that we were trying to smuggle drugs in these balloons full of salsa verde, and they made us get out of the car on the highway and pop every single one of these balloons in front of them to prove that there were no drugs inside (laughs). So, our pranks certainly backfired.

SR. Just to finish, any message for your Australian fans ahead of the tour?

PM. We just can’t wait to come back out and see you guys again. It’s been way too long. We’re very, very excited to be coming back to Australia. We always have a great time. I’m looking forward to these shows and hopefully someone does a shoey.

I think it’s hilarious, I love the shoey. I think it’s one of the charming things about playing shows in Australia. It’s just one of those weird things that you don’t see anywhere else. And I love that!










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