J&T Express Caught in the Waves of Lost User’s Valuables

J&T Express Caught in the Waves of Lost User’s Valuables

Logistics company J&T Express was trending on Twitter-like Weibo on Friday because it had lost one user’s graduation documents but was only willing to compensate 10 times the freight fees.

According to Feidian Video‘s report, a user in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province said that his diploma and degree certificate shipped through J&T Express never arrived when they were supposed to. The courier company explained that the parcel was unpacked by others because of the wrong order number and that they could do nothing to remedy the situation other than offer a compensation. The company determined that it would only compensate 10 times the amount of the freight fees, or about 1760 yuan ($259).

However, the user believes that the certificates are unique and their value cannot be priced so cheaply. The loss will also have an impact on the user’s career and therefore is demanding a compensation of 11,500 yuan. Jiemian News learned that J&T Express and the user have since reached an agreement.

J&T Express is a Southeast Asian express company established in Indonesia in 2015. Its founder Li Jie used to be an executive of OPPO. According to J&T Express’ official website, the company officially entered the Chinese market in March 2020.

However, as early as 2018, J&T Express established Shenzhen Yunlu Supply Chain Technology Co., Ltd. in China, which has been renamed to J&T International Logistics Co., Ltd. In 2019, J&T Express also merged Shanghai Long Bang Express Co., Ltd., which is currently J&T Express Co., Ltd.

Within a month of entering the Chinese market, J&T Express secured more than 1 million orders. One of the reasons why J&T Express could achieve this result was due to their low price strategy. In October 2021, J&T Express acquired Best Inc’s express business in China at a price of 6.8 billion yuan.

However, J&T Express’ reputation has taken a hit. According to the report released by Chnbrand at the beginning of this year, the service recommendation of J&T Express and Best Inc’s express business ranked at the very bottom of the list.

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According to Tianyancha App, J&T Express Co., Ltd. has hundreds of legal proceedings against it covering transportation, online shopping, property damage compensation and many others. In addition, in April 2020, the company had administrative penalties levied against it for helping other operators to carry out false or misleading commercial propaganda while violating billing and franchise management regulations.

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