MX Sports Pro Racing Scouting Moto Combines Set for 2023 RedBud & Ironman Nationals

MX Sports Pro Racing Scouting Moto Combines Set for 2023 RedBud & Ironman Nationals

The following press release is from MX Sports Pro Racing:

MX Sports Pro Racing Scouting Moto Combine Set to Foster Stars of the Future During 2023 AMA Pro Motocross Championship

RedBud and Ironman Will Host American Motocross’ Top Amateur Prospects

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – The hands-on development of the future of American motocross will continue for the 2023 season as MX Sports Pro Racing has announced details of the Scouting Moto Combine, presented by U.S. Air Force Special Warfare, for the sport’s top amateur prospects. The program will coincide with two rounds of next summer’s AMA Pro Motocross Championship, with invitational gatherings scheduled for the season’s halfway point at the RedBud National and the finale at the Ironman National.

“When we set out to implement a program to formalize the path to professional motocross and foster the future generations of our sport, we had no doubt that if done properly, with the necessary support from the industry, it would be successful,” said Jim Perry, Program Director for the Scouting Moto Combine. “Now, entering our third season of the Scouting Moto Combine, we’re committed to making continued improvements that will benefit our aspiring and exceptionally talented amateur athletes even further. We’ve seen some high-profile graduates take the next step, like Ryder DiFrancesco (#523), Chance Hymans (#832), and Haiden Deegan (#438), and are eager to see who will rise to the occasion next summer.”

More than 60 different riders from the upper echelon of the A & B classes have lined up on the starting gate at the Scouting Moto Combine since its inception during the 2021 season, headlined by a long list of AMA Amateur National Champions and the most touted factory talent at the amateur level. These prospects have received mentorship from several of the most recognizable and decorated names in the history of American motocross as rider coaches, from former AMA Pro Motocross Champions like Broc Glover, Chad Reed, and Jeff Stanton to perennial contenders like Buddy Antunez, Damon Bradshaw, Michael Byrne, and Broc Tickle. Additionally, highly regarded trainers like Seth Rarick, Gareth Swanepoel, John Wessling, and the late Ryan Fedorow, and the voice of American motocross, Jason Weigandt, have provided invaluable insight into the importance of success away from the track through nutrition, fitness, and media engagement.

“It has been incredibly rewarding to take part in the Scouting Moto Combine, giving back to the sport in a truly meaningful way and leveraging my vast experience both on and off the racetrack mentoring the next generation of aspiring racers,” said Broc Glover, an AMA Hall of Famer. The current Senior Manager/Off-Road at Dunlop Motorcycle Tires has served as a rider coach for every combine gathering to date. “The important role the combine now plays for our top amateur prospects cannot be emphasized enough. It establishes a defined path to professional racing by allowing them to obtain a first-hand experience of what it is to be a true AMA Pro Motocross athlete.”

Each gathering of the 2023 Scouting Moto Combine will take place on the eve of both RedBud (Friday, June 30) and Ironman (Friday, August 25), where educational classroom-style sessions are intertwined with on-track practice and a pair of 25-minute-plus-two-lap motos. Each gathering will feature a collection of the sport’s most elite amateur prospects, developed in collaboration with American motocross’ competing manufacturers–GASGAS, Honda, Husqvarna, Kawasaki, KTM, Suzuki, and Yamaha. While the spotlight will rest squarely on the combine each Friday, the invited racers will also get a taste of the excitement and fanfare of Saturday’s National with a commemorative parade lap that will serve as a kick-off to the action for the thousands of fans in attendance.

“The Scouting Moto Combine has become an integral part of the progression of any motocross athlete that aspires to embark on a career at the professional level,” said Amy Ritchie, Partner at RedBud MX. “We welcomed the fastest amateur racers on the planet this past summer and cannot wait to watch the stars of tomorrow do battle once again this coming season. As one of American motocross’ cornerstone events that will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2023, the inclusion of the combine into the festivities of this milestone weekend was something we knew we wanted for both our fans and the racing community.”

Additional details of the 2023 MX Sports Pro Racing Scouting Moto Combine, presented by U.S. Air Force Special Warfare, will be announced in the coming months, including which amateur prospects will represent their respective manufacturer next summer. For now, fans can relive the best moments from the 2022 gatherings.

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