Nons Miraj Joins Chude Jideonwo in the Latest Episode of #WithChude

Nons Miraj Joins Chude Jideonwo in the Latest Episode of #WithChude

Content creator Chinonso Ukah a.k.a Nons Miraj is the latest guest to grace Chude Jideonwo’s talk show #WithChude.

In this explosive interview, Chinonso opens up on starting out, schooling at Babcock University, her stint in Nollywood, her relationship with her dad, relationships, dealing with controversy and lots more.

See excerpts of the interview:

On the recent controversy that surfaced about her:

“I was literally looking for how to edit my skit and bring the grand palava out. I was hustling, (saying) ‘editor correct this thing now wetin dey happen’. Someone just called me, ‘this blog don carry you oh!’

I said ‘Jesus!’ I went to check it, then, I saw myself, with Dino in the middle, and I saw ‘threesome’.

Next thing, my friend’scall came in, ‘Nonso, wetin dey happen?’

“I was shaking because I didn’t know how to explain to my mother that this thing is not true. How do you explain to people that you did not do it because they were not there with you.

“If you Google our name now, you see will a poster of I, Ashmusy and the man in the middle. You understand I want to travel out of the country; do not be thinking this one is ashawo. It was annoying.

“People were advising me not to comment on that blog. But because I know I am so innocent, I went to their DM and told them ‘God will punish you for this thing, you will die’. Later on, I summoned courage, “Nonso, you didn’t do this thing”. I don’t know the blogger, but whoever is behind it, ‘bring proof!’

So, when the person wanted to move to new gist, all my friends were like ‘bring proof oh’, ‘don’t go to another gist, because you cannot accuse me just to give your blog a little pop’. Maybe the blog was already dying, and they had to now bring something that would make it trend again. I didn’t like the idea of that, but then again good or bad publicity, it’s all publicity.

“Me? I have not seen him as a fan, like how my friend said she saw him and recorded him. If I see him, I’ll go and hold his leg. I have never met this man before, that is the honest truth.”

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