Perfect Match‘s Ines Tazi Is More Than Her Catfishing Past

Perfect Match‘s Ines Tazi Is More Than Her Catfishing Past

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Who gets a degree in geopolitics and ends up becoming known for reality TV? Ines Tazi, the 26-year-old Parisian star of Perfect Match, Netflix’s latest attempt at making people compete for love. Perfect Match is only the second reality TV show she’s appeared on, but she plans to be remembered for more than searching for love.

On the 12-episode first season of Perfect Match, the main cast of ten former contestants of other Netflix dating shows like Too Hot To Handle, The Circle, Love Is Blind, and Sexy Beasts live in a gorgeous villa and pair up into five couples and compete in challenges designed to test their compatibility. Each couple who wins the challenges is allowed to choose two people from the show to go on a date with two other people from a list of reality stars. Whichever two people don’t end up matched up by the end of their dates get sent home.

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Shayne (left), Ines (right)


Once again, Tazi and her effortless cool stand out in the early episodes of the series. When Perfect Match host Nick Lachey suggests a competition where the castmates rate each other’s kissing talents while blindfolded and wearing noise-canceling headphones, Tazi’s lip-locking prowess is undeniable. She also finds herself entangled in love drama after she tries to swap her original match, Shayne from Love Is Blind, with Nick from The Circle, and it all blows up in her face.

If you’ve been bingeing Perfect Match obsessively, you should know there’s more to the foxy French phenom than bad dates and love losses.

Who Is Ines Tazi?

Hailing from London, Tazi is a former contestant of the reality dating competition show The Circle: France, where she made a name for herself by lying about herself. On the show, contestants who live in separate apartments in the same apartment building only communicate with one another through dating profiles they’ve created. A number of contestants have succumbed to the temptation of lying about who they are, including one male contestant who posed as a female. For Tazi, she decided to catfish as a single person while being in a relationship.

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Outside of looking for true love with duplicitous tactics, Tazi is an associate founder of the skincare brand Skult Ltd, according to her LinkedIn. She’s also grown into an influencer of sorts, with an Instagram account that could double as a FOMO-inducing fashion blog. One day she’s gallivanting around Bologna, Italy for 24 hours draped in Versace, then the next day, she’s in Paris, France, at the same Business of Fashion 500 gala Kylie Jenner and Jared Leto.

Her future in reality TV may not end after Perfect Match, but it won’t be her main focus. Tazi revealed in an interview earlier this month she wants to pursue her personal passion projects rather than trying to gamify her search for love on TV. With her stunning good looks and ability to find the intersection of different industries (She only wore French brands on Perfect Match), get ready to see more of Tazi in the future.

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