Poll: Anambra Will Resist Soludo’s Move To Have Rubber-Stamp Lawmakers – YPP Chieftain

Poll: Anambra Will Resist Soludo’s Move To Have Rubber-Stamp Lawmakers – YPP Chieftain

As Saturday’s governorship and state house of assembly elections draw closer, a chieftain of the Young Progressive Party (YPP) in Anambra State, Chief Ibe Okonkwo Michael, has criticized Governor Charles Soludo for reportedly calling on the people of the state to vote only APGA candidates in the state assembly.

Speaking during a political rally in Nnewi, Anambra state, on Friday, the YPP chieftain warned Anambra voters about the dangers of having an all-APGA house of assembly; contending that Anambra cannot afford to form a rubber-stamp legislature again.

Chief Ibe described Soludo’s request as deceptive and unrealistic, considering the need to have lawmakers that can stand their ground and legislate for the best interest of the people.

Ibe said, “APGA, as a political party, has disappointed Nnewi North in particular, and Anambra state in general. Nnewi North, for instance, has been producing APGA lawmakers from its inception.

“How have they fared in terms of quality representation, and delivery of democracy dividends? Did they not fail? Why should we keep reinforcing failure? Why should we keep electing people that will go there to become rubber-stamp legislators?

“Under successive APGA administrations, there is no government presence in most parts of the state, particularly Nnewi North.

“There is no motorable road infrastructure in Nnewi, and successive APGA lawmakers we have been electing could not help us.

“Soludo wants Anambra people to give him APGA lawmakers he will manipulate. Those of other political parties that he says he doesn’t want, are they not citizens of the state? Anambra should resist Soludo’s temptation! Variety is the spice of life. Anambra will try other political parties and their candidates, and YPP promises to be the best. Anambra cannot afford to send people that will dance to the tune of the executive.

“A he-goat forced on the she-goat cannot impregnate the female. It’s high time we sent lawmakers that have a human brain.

“This is why YPP is different from others. The party parades its best brains. From Nnewi North through other state constituencies in Anambra, YPP parades the best. Our leader, Senator Ifeanyi Ubah, is a very wonderful democrat. He understands the heartbeat of his people.

“There is no better way to appreciate his good gestures than to vote for YPP candidates, who will be his backbone. This is particularly necessary for Nnewi North, where Senator Ubah comes from.”

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