The Best Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Stranger Things, and More Halloween Costumes for Everyone

The Best Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Stranger Things, and More Halloween Costumes for Everyone

Grogu dog costume

Image: Disney Consumer Products

Halloween is a few short weeks away, and it’s time to make your final costume selections. Trust me, at this point most aisles have been cleared of decor and that’s because spooky event season is about to kick into high gear. It’s better to be prepared and run out to your local Halloween store or get speedy shipping for whatever you land on.

Here’s our round-up of some of the best pop culture costumes for everyone, including your pets. Click through to find some of the fandom best from Star Wars, Stranger Things, Marvel, and DC.

And once you’re settled on your outfit, don’t forget to send us pics for our annual costume show!

Chrissy Wake Up!

Hawkins cheerleader costume

Screenshot: Party City

I don’t like thiiiiiis. Check out the Stranger Things cheerleader costume at Party City to create a living or dead Chrissy look.

Eddie Munson

Hellfire Club shirt

Screenshot: Hot Topic

Hot Topic is probably your best bet for great material on Eddie’s Hellfire baseball tee, which is available in so many places.

Team Hawkins

Hawkins basketball team costume

Screenshot: Party City

Be heroic Lucas (or Chrissy’s unhinged boyfriend) with this Hawkins jersey at Party City.


Vecna mask

Screenshot: Party City

Not a full body costume but close enough! Mask available through Party City.

Turn It Up to Eleven

Find West Coast Eleven’s look at Spirit Halloween.

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The Hierarchy of Superhero Costumes Has Changed

The Hierarchy of Superhero Costumes Has Changed

Black Adam costume

Photo: Warner Bros. Consumer Products

Channel the Rock in this Black Adam costume.

This Is the Way!

Mandalorian Adaptive Costume

Photo: ShopDisney

This Razorcrest and Mando adaptable costume is available on ShopDisney.

He Wants Chickie Nuggies

Dog Grogu Costume

Photo: ShopDisney

Look at the goodest boy as the Child! This costume can be found on ShopDisney.

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Book of Boba Fett and More

Book of Boba Fett and More

Ahsoka and Boba Fett costumes

Photo: ShopDisney

There’s Star Wars costumes for everyone on ShopDisney.


Ahsoka headpiece

Image: ShopDisney

Find this Snips headpiece on ShopDisney.

Wakanda Forever

adaptive Black Panther costume

Photo: Shop Disney

Find this adaptive Black Panther costume on ShopDisney.

Pandora Baby

baby Na'vi costume

Screenshot: ShopDisney

Just in time for Avatar: The Way of Water, a baby costume available on ShopDisney.

Marvel Dinos

Get these ridiculous costumes at Game Stop.

Light Up the Bat Signal

small pets batman costume

Photo: Warner Bros. Consumer Products

This amazing Batman costume for very small, very furry DC fans is available at PetSmart.

It’s Showtime

A glamorous Miss Argentina and full-suit Beetlejuice look from Vixen by Micheline Pitt.

Strange and Unusual

Never Trust The Living

House of the Dragon

house of the dragon rhaenyra dress

Screenshot: Hot Topic

Princess Rhaenyra vibes at Hot Topic.

Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul mask

Screenshot: Hot Topic

Find this Ken Kaneki cosplay mask at Hot Topic.

Oogie Boogie

oogie boogie kirigumi

Screenshot: Hot Topic

Whether you’re going out or staying in for Halloween, this cozy Oogie onsie is for you.

Wanna Play?

So many Chucky options at Spirit.

Netflix and Kill

Iconic costumes from Squid Game are available at Spirit Halloween.

Pretty as a Corpse Bride

Get Burton-esque at Spirit Haloween.

Rings of Power

Live your best Middle-earth life with this dress from Her Universe.

Cute Lil’ Shorty

shorty clown costume dress

Screenshot: Spirit Halloween

Get this adorable Killer Klowns costume at Spirit Halloween.

To the Batman

Riddler costume

Screenshot: Spirit Halloween

Get this Riddler ‘fit and more Batman costumes at Spirit Halloween.

Who You Gonna Call?

Ghostbuster dog costume

Screenshot: Lowes

Lowes is also carrying a selection of pet options, like this Ghostbusters one.

The Suicide Squad Harley

suicide squad harley quinn costume

Screenshot: Lowes

Find statement red dress Harley Quinn wore in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad at Lowes.

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Poor Unfortunate Soul (If You Don’t Have Treats)

Poor Unfortunate Soul (If You Don’t Have Treats)

ursula dog costume

Screenshot: Lowes

Let your dog live their Disney Villain era with this Ursula costume at Lowes.

We All Float Down Here

Find this Pennywise riff on Dolls Kill.

She’s Eating Boys

Find this totally not Jennifer’s Body costume on Dolls Kill.

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