Vivo to Hold Imaging Strategy Conference on October 24

Vivo to Hold Imaging Strategy Conference on October 24

Chinese smartphone brand vivo will commence an Imaging Strategy Conference at 14:00 on October 24, Beijing Time, during which it will bring forward a new generation of flagship imaging products. The company has not disclosed further information about the new products, and a promotional poster only shows that the design is similar to a smartphone lens.

(Source: vivo)

According to the positioning of vivo’s imaging strategy and the recent promotion of its X80 series photography capability, the new imaging strategy event is likely to prepare the launch of vivo X90 series smartphone, and will likely unveil new smartphone imaging technology to be applied to vivo X90 series, which should include the latest imaging chip developed by vivo itself.

Imaging has always been a selling point of vivo smartphones. On April 20 this year, it held the “Vivo Dual-Chip Imaging Technology Communication Conference” and launched its latest achievements of vivo’s R&D such as self-developed chips, imaging and performance. Among them, there were the second generation of self-developed chips V1+ and the second generation of dual-chip standard. Besides, the capability of the chip is extended to the field of performance and display, supporting better game and video visual experience.

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For the vivo X Fold+ foldable smartphone released in September this year, the firm cooperated with leading camera brand ZEISS, equipped it with a quad-rear camera setup. This included a 50MP main sensor, 48MP ultra-wide-angle lens, 12MP portrait unit, an 8MP periscope shooter and a 16MP front-facing snapper. At the same time, it is also equipped with Zeiss T* coating, which enhances the transmittance of visible light, improves the image quality, and can accurately restore the color of objects.

vivo X Fold+
vivo X Fold+ (Source: vivo)

It can be seen that vivo is also trying to use technology to improve imaging presentation while the application scenarios of smartphone imaging are expanding. Hu Baishan, the executive vice president of vivo, said earlier that the firm will use five to six years of technical pre-research to improve the user experience in the setting direction.

Previously leaked information shows that vivo’s next-generation flagship smartphone, the vivo X90 Pro+ version, is expected to adopt a Sony IMX989 with a 1-inch large sensor. Compared with the camera on the iPhone 13 Pro Max, the Sony IMX989 has increased its photosensitive area by 72%, its photosensitive ability by 76%, its photographing speed by 32.5% and its starting speed by 11%.

In addition, the X90 Pro+ version will be equipped with vivo’s self-developed image chip, adding a noise reduction mode, sensing ambient light sources in real time, separating the shooting object from the background noise through AI algorithm, and preserving the details of the object.

vivo X80 (Source: vivo)

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