Web3 Esports – W3E Creator Championship is Announced

Web3 Esports – W3E Creator Championship is Announced

Off of the back of their successful event at the Istanbul Blockchain Week back in November, which saw gamers battling it out on the popular Solana shooter, EV.io, W3E are back! This time with another Web3 Esports event that will set the mark for others to follow in 2023.

Whilst the event itself has not been announced, “The Creator Championship” is currently being teased on Twitter by W3E. The event is set to happen on 23rd February so we are not too far away from the day the action kicks off as we draw a close to an action packed 2022.


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The Creator Championship is an accumulation of some of the top creators and gamers within the space currently. Some of the announced names for the next W3E event include:

  • BoredElon
  • CryptoStache
  • BullDog1205
  • Spikereacts

These names have so far made a mark on the Crypto games space for their creativity and skill. Offering more content for their fan bases that has proven to be evergreen despite the overall market trends and notions surrounding the Crypto industry. Their follower counts and engagement on their content will also be beneficial to the growth of W3E no doubt.

Now this is some exciting stuff! Thousands around the world tuned in to witness the W3E Matches in Istanbul and we expect the same again for the February event! Are you excited for the upcoming W3E event?

A quick recap on W3E

Since their first event, W3E have really managed to make a positive name for themselves amongst streamers, gamers and influencers. Winners of the event won huge prize pools and gained great notoriety through participating.

The final matches were close calls as it was a tense battle from all the teams that made it that far in the competition. However, there could only be one winner who earned bragging rights. That team happened to be Xborg who took it to the last second to seal the deal and become the first W3E Championship Champions.

“Overall W3E put on a great experience for all. The team worked really hard to make sure this event was one of a kind. W3E gave new opportunities to web3 enthusiasts to play competitively or showcase their game that they all work so hard on to push the space forward. Players, teams, game developers and attendees were all pleased with the whole event and we received wonderful feedback. W3E welcomes everybody and can’t wait to see you at the next one!” – Thang Phan

Those who participated earnt exclusive NFT trading trophies and skins from the organisers of W3E, a quirky feature we hope to see return to the Creator Championships in February.


Image Credit | Web3 Esports

W3E haven’t slowed down

Whilst announcing a second event, W3E have also gone onto Twitter to announce a regular Championship that players all around the world can take part in.

This is still under development. However this gives more eager players the chance to show off their skills and teamwork, climbing the leaderboards on a regular, weekly basis. Those who prosper will then be featured in exclusive LAN tournaments which will be then streamed to wider audiences again worldwide.

The current event in question is for duos only, location is not limited!

At the time of writing Solana token has seen a huge correction in price due to the FTX ordeal. Prices are at all time lows for the token, for many in the gaming community this is a blessing! NFTs such as the ones for EV.io have never been cheaper, making it more accessible to play this game.

If you are/were a fan of Halo online then EV.io may be the blockchain shooter for you. Simply search EV.io into your browser and you are thrown straight into the action. If this is your first time hearing about the title, check out our comprehensive EV.io review.

Be on the lookout for more updates from W3E via their Twitter and website on the Creator Championship and EV.IO League.

Happy gaming!

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