Will Pokémon Unite Soon Be The Go To Game In India?

Will Pokémon Unite Soon Be The Go To Game In India?

Pokémon UNITE World Championships 2022 had teams from India and all around the world to see who is the best team. Since the 3rd place finishes by the Dota 2 Indian team in the recent Commonwealth Esports Championship, many people have shifted their attention to Dota 2. Due to the exposure provided by the tournament, many younger fans have started trying the game. This in turn has resulted in various MOBA games getting more exposure within India.

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As such one game which has and will be benefiting massively from this news is Pokémon Unite. This game while being one of the most famous MOBA currently. Due to it being available on mobile and can be played for free, it’s quite popular in the nation. Since the start of the year, there have been various tournaments have been held. Many younger talents have gotten exposure to the professional scene.

But will that be all from the game which has taken the International Scene by storm? Due to the gamers in India being quite passionate about which game they follow, all a game needs to provide is exposure and a healthy prize pool in tournaments and the rest is history. With a game like BGMI still being banned in India, there is a massive void left in the world of mobile gaming.

While Battle Royals have been predicted to make the most of it, they haven’t. Games like Free Fire, Call Of Duty and Apex Legends Mobile haven’t done anything since the news of the ban. If the Pokémon Company believes that the market in India is the one they want to game the most out of this is their moment. There would be a massive coup for the company as a whole by this.

Can India Become A Powerhouse In Pokémon Unite?

While the question is quite straightforward and the honest answer to the question is yes. There are various reasons for this answer as the factors that are currently present in India will benefit any new game. With the ban of BGMI in India, there is a massive hole in what would the playing time for most gamers on their phone. As such they have shifted to other games such as Free Fire. But due to the gameplay having its flaws, many players have not decided on a game of choice.

When Pokémon Unite launched worldwide it had started to make major waves in the mobile gaming scene. This was majorly due to the hype of the Pokémon Go game. While living on the nostalgia of the older Pokémon games that many gamers played when they were kids. As such since the launch of the game, the fan base has been on a constant rise as well. This could be due to the game releasing patches and updates to add more Pokémon while keeping the game as balanced as possible.


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Pokémon Unite recently hosted its 2022 Pokémon Unite World Championships. Where teams from around the world and various regions got to participate. Taking note of the fanbase that is present in India, India was given a slot of their own for the tournament. As such there was a tournament held to decide which team would make it to the World Championships.

During this tournament, all eyes were on the underdog teams who had just started to make their mark in the game. Revenant Esports after a clean sweep in the group stages as well as the playoffs won the tournament as a whole qualifying for the World Championships.


Firstly, to make sure that the hype of the game is on a constant rise they will need to be tournaments that are free for all. As such during this tournament broadcasting, the fans can see and understand the game better. Pokemon Unite will need to make sure that each tournament held has a good prize pool as well. This comes from the fact that most professional gamers in India have a normal jobs as well to earn an income. As many games and tournaments don’t have a prize pool for each team or are high enough for the winners. By doing so there will be a lot of mobile gamers who won’t mind shifting to the game and trying to get better at it.

To make a game work in India, a company needs to make it available on mobile. As such this can transition to making more marketing ploys around the nation to gift players to play the game. And maybe even reward points for watching a tournament. While the production of the Pokemon UNITE Championship Series 2022 – India Championship was really good and massive increased the standards. There is more that would be needed to make sure that people are watching tournaments the same manner they watch a game like Valorant. Currently in India Valorant is the most popular esport game among gamers. This is due to their constant marketing while at the same time keeping a thriving esports scene. With the recent news about the changes in Valorant next year, the hype for the game didn’t die off and instead has spiked to a massive amount.

Pokémon Unite has the potential to become the most popular mobile game in India. With the current climate, there is no stopping it from doing so as well.

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