Bow Wow Compares Relationship With Jermaine Dupri To Star Wars Characters

Bow Wow Compares Relationship With Jermaine Dupri To Star Wars Characters

Bow Wow and Jermaine Dupri’s relationship has been a bit tumultuous as of late. The 36-year-old, in an attempt to provide some perspective, compared their bond to that of two popular Star Wars characters.

The “Let Me Hold You” rapper appeared on The Baller Alert Show on Thursday (April 6) and provided an update on where they stand given their recent tensions. “We had a conversation not too long ago. I’ll keep that there,” the Columbus, Ohio artist began. “We spoke our peace not too long ago face to face. And then he did the Breakfast Club interview and I saw that and immediately hit him. We made a little pact that we ain’t even gon’ speak on this.”

He continued, getting into the Star Wars comparison. “It’s like Obi-Wan and Anakin. That’s me and him,” he explained. “It’s the OG that know it all, been through it all, got the years, got all the recognition. And then Anakin, who then turns to Darth Vader later, was the young protege of Obi. Always the one ready to get out there and get it crackin’ – then Obi is like, ‘You’re not ready.’”

The Like Mike actor concluded that the two clash because they are so similar. “That’s the story of me and JD – same type of person, different outlooks on certain things. We just better apart.” Their different outlooks were put on full display during an impromptu Twitter Q&A hosted by Bow Wow.

The Beware Of Dog artist revealed that he wishes he stayed with Snoop Dogg instead of signing with Jermaine Dupri’s label So So Def. He took pride in the fact his 2005 song “I’m A Flirt” was successful because he did it without JD.

“My whole career i had to over prove to folks im not to be played w,” he wrote. “It was like kobe winning w out shaq. Even jd told me ‘if u think u can do it w out me THEN DO IT’ welp i did.”

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