DeGods ETH Collection Announces Surprising Partnership with BLUR

DeGods ETH Collection Announces Surprising Partnership with BLUR

On their way to Ethereum, the DeGods announce a special partnership with top NFT digital marketplace Blur. The DeGods’ move to Ethereum comes at a time of renewal for the crypto space with prices pumping onward and upwards.

The ETH DeGods: Explained

Top NFT collection DeGods migrate to the Ethereum blockchain starting today. If users migrate within the first 24 hours, their ETH gas fees for the migration are also covered. Migration completion time varies from a few minutes to a few hours. Users can also speed up the process by setting higher gas fees on their wallets.

Moreover, those who migrate within the first 24 hours will also have a chance to win 1 BTC DeGod. DeGods on Ethereum will have a 0.33% royalty fee on all marketplaces. Furthermore, they are also available for buying and selling on Blur_io and Opensea NFT marketplaces.

The migration process can be tracked on the migration website. Users are advised to use the Phantom multi-chain wallet and to be cautious of potential insider Twitter attacks.

How Is DeGods On Blur Beneficial To The Space?

According to crypto analyst Sammy.ETH (@S4mmyEth), the partnership between Blur and DeGods has the potential to boost the adoption of NFTs. Blur has faced some criticism for its airdrop farming behavior, which has caused a decline in daily bidding pool liquidity. However, with DeGods on board, Blur can benefit from their expertise to create a better decision-making tool that supports creators and contains all relevant news, research, and data in one place.

The DeGods appeal can also onboard new participants to Blur’s superior platform, which involves its users, aligns incentives, and has a decentralized focus. This partnership may not bring significant changes overnight, but it encourages further collaboration in the NFT space, which is essential for progress.

Blur’s incentivizing liquidity for an illiquid asset class should be the focus, and committees will need to regulate this. Stepped rewards based on the depth of the market would be beneficial. Overall, the partnership can help lift all boats in the NFT market.

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