Trevor Jones and MakersPlace Pay Tribute to Alotta Money Through NFT Art Auction

Trevor Jones and MakersPlace Pay Tribute to Alotta Money Through NFT Art Auction

MakersPlace has announced its partnership with Trevor Jones to pay tribute to the late Philippe Fatoux, known as “Alotta Money.” The partnership involves showcasing a curated selection of artists and raising funds for the cancer charity Maggie’s.

photo of NFT artist Alotta Money taking a selfie, sunglasses on, cigarette in mouth
Alotta Money is a legend in the NFT community. Furthermore, he is one of the original crypto artists, a true pioneer in the art space.

NFT Auction to Raise Funds for ‘Maggie’s’ in Tribute to ‘Alotta Money’

The digital art community lost a talented member on March 3, 2022, when “Alotta Money” passed away after a battle with cancer. To honor his memory, MakersPlace and Trevor Jones will present a carefully curated collection of NFT artwork. They encourage to reference “Alotta Money’s” life or work while retaining the freedom to interpret the brief.

“We are really excited about this partnership with MakersPlace and the search for new artwork to honor our friend, ‘Alotta Money,’” Trevor Jones said. “We have already supported Maggie’s last year, where we raised over £17,500 following our first Castle Party held at Stirling Castle. This is a cause really close not just to my heart, but to the heart of the whole NFT community.”

Artists of all levels can submit their artwork through a form to participate in the exhibition and auction. The final artwork submission deadline is April 7, 2023. Then, a team will select 30 artists to participate. Trevor Jones will choose 24 of these. Furthermore, the work of the remaining applicants will be put before the Trevor Jones art community. The community will vote on inclusion in the final six places.

“We are deeply privileged to be a part of this initiative and to partner with Trevor Jones, not only to preserve the memory of ‘Alotta Money,’ but also to raise funds for a noble cause,” said Craig Palmer, CEO of MakersPlace. “We aim to elevate creators and their artwork by showcasing it through mediums that will live on through eternity like NFTs and blockchain technology.”

red poster that reads 'apply to be part of this exhibit at Revor Jones 2nd annual castle party'
Artists of all levels can submit their artwork

How to Take Part

All submitted artworks must be in NFT format and will be displayed on digital screens at the exhibition. However, if an artwork exists in a physical form, the artist may exhibit the physical version and digital versions. Only NFTs compatible with MakersPlace can be a part of  the exhibition.

The Castle Party will launch on September 3-5, 2023, at Château de Vallery near Paris. Then, MakersPlace will hold the auction from September 1-10, 2023. Additionally, artists will receive 50% of the proceeds. Maggie’s will receive the remaining 50%.

Guests are invited to join MakersPlace and Trevor Jones honor the work of “Alotta Money” while supporting charity. The event is an excellent opportunity for artists to showcase their work, promote their talent, and raise funds for a noble cause.

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