Sky Blues walking on quality street in All-Ireland Minor A Championship

Sky Blues walking on quality street in All-Ireland Minor A Championship

The Dublin minors are walking on quality street. Nothing comes free in the Electric Ireland All-Ireland Minor A Championship. You pay for everything you get.

f you manage to get a crumb at this grade, you earn it. But, as manager Ashling Kennedy says, they wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Take Cork. Dublin played them in their opening match at TUD, Grangegorman. History drips from the walls of this most charming location.

Cork certainly impressed. They looked so accomplished. But in their next match, Waterford beat them.

That demonstrates the calibre in this League. “Yes, it’s such a high standard,” said Ashling. “There’s so many top-class players at this level.

“It demands the best of teams all the time. You can’t switch off for a second. You have to bring so much intensity for the full hour.

“That is something we’ve been working on. If we can do that, we can match any of the teams.”

This week, Dublin travel to Waterford. Following the Cork game, Dublin lost successive home matches to Tipperary and Galway. Yet the mood in the camp remains upbeat.

“There’s a great spirit among the players. They are working hard. And I feel they should be proud of the effort they are putting in,” Ashling said.

“We have good ability in the team. And there’s strength in depth. That shows by the players we have on the bench.

“I think the talent is there in Dublin. We have a good spread of clubs on the squad. And playing at this level will only help young players develop.

“You are meeting top sides all the time. And that’s where you learn the most. We have been showing good character. The players never stop ‘til they hear the final whistle.”

When you have that kind of attitude in the kit-bag, you give yourself every chance.

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